• Don Oberdorfer Tet!: The Turning Point in the Vietnam War

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      Don Oberdorfer Tet!: The Turning Point in the Vietnam War


      Militarily, the offensive was a failure, as the North Vietnamese Army and its guerrilla allies in the south suffered devastating losses. For several hours, the U.S. Based on his own observations as a correspondent for the Washington Post and interviews with hundreds of people who were caught up in the struggle, Tet! embassy in Saigon itself came under siege by Viet Cong soldiers. In this classic work of military history and war reportage—long considered the definitive history of Tet and its aftermath—Don Oberdorfer moves back and forth between the war and the home front to document the lasting importance of this military action. remains an essential contribution to our understanding of the... Politically, however, it proved to be a crucial turning point in Americas involvement in Southeast Asia and public opinion of the war. In early 1968, Communist forces in Vietnam launched a surprise offensive that targeted nearly every city, town, and major military base throughout South Vietnam.

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