• Pears, Tim A Revolution Of The Sun

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      Pears, Tim A Revolution Of The Sun


      As the year turns, a group of disparate individuals from different backgrounds, from all corners of the country, are about to embark on separate journeys which will converge over the course of the next twelve months: among them, Rebecca - mother-to-be, Sam - amnesiac, Roderick - Conservative MP, Jack - lorry driver, Martha - cat burglar, Ben - paraplegic child, Solo - his abandoned father. A Revolution of the Sun tells the story of one momentous year through the eyes of the people who lived it. They cannot know what will happen to them, but there is an inevitability in their shared destiny that will prove impossible to withstand... It is not only their stories, but also the anatomy of a nation in flux. At the end of that year, their lives will have changed irrevocably, some for better, some for worse, but changed nonetheless. Ambitious, powerful, irresistible, it is the work of a writer at the peak of his powers and... It begins at the stroke of midnight on the first day of 1997.

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      Фрэнк Минирт, Пол Майер, Роберт Хемфельт, Шарон Снид, Дон Хокинс Наркотик под названием еда

      Эта книга создана командой профессиональных врачей и психологов и представляет собой целостную программу, которая поможет избавиться...

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      В первый выпуск Альманаха «Пашня» вошли лучшие работы выпускников литературных мастерских Creative Writing School – рассказы, эссе, автобиографические истории, стихи. Руководители очных мастерских: Майя Кучерская, Денис Драгунский,...

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